When God was distributing patience, we Italians were probably cutting in line somewhere else 😂

Italians are known for our slow paced, relaxed lifestyle (among many other virtues). We love to know what to expect and feel grounded by tradition and a well defined path (well, most Italians at least...there are a few exceptions 😉)

Which is why, the other side of the coin is we don't always deal well with stressful or unexpected situations and tend to lose our temper quite easily.

So it's no surprise that a common Italian stereotype is that we have a fiery temper and a lack of patience.

That's probably because we're passionate, opinionated and always want to be in control of every situation (and we don't like change or surprises...) Of course these are generalizations — however there is some truth when we say Italians don't deal well with uncertainty, traffic...and delays.

So imagine when things outside of our control happen to us...like a delayed flight!! Over the years I've experienced my fair share of them, and it's always staggering to me to look around the cabin and see everyone (else) being so incredibly calm and serene, accepting their destiny, while I'm starting to boil on the inside with impatience and my arms, hands (and eyebrows) start moving uncontrollably... A true Italian onboard is easily recognizable 😉 Enjoy your (delayed) flight with a zen attitude... I know we won't!

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This sketch is inspired by my parents' most recent flight out of Dublin, Ireland. Their flight was delayed due to a technical issue and they were sent back to the gate for a few hours — without being allowed off the plane! Dad got so flustered he did not stop texting me asking for explanations. He claimed they were being "held hostages" 😂 I was like "Dad, what do you want me to do, ask Alan to fly the plane?"

And so, I did — at least in this sketch. This is how I imagine my dad dealt with the situation on board...with some extra dramatization for effects (I mean, I must have gotten my Italian drama from someone after all). I hope you enjoy it!

Let us know in the comments below if you're a patient person (and how you would have dealt with this situation). And most importantly, tell us a funny story about an Italian drama queen you've encountered!

Un abbraccio,

Marco Danesi
Drama queen connoisseur

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