At Inevitaly we're building a community of Italophiles ("lovers of all things Italian") by creating content that's educational but also fresh and entertaining (and always authentically Italian).

Whether you're a content creator, a brand or simply someone with a great idea in mind — we'd love to hear from you and find ways to collaborate.

Or email us directly at Here are a few examples of possible collaborations, but we're open to the wildest ideas:

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Suggest ideas for new articles and videos or provide feedback on the existing content. We're always all ears :)

Writers, video makers, and content creators

  • Content collaborations and cross-promotions (let's write or film something together. Interviews, podcasts, sketches, cooking tutorials, you name it!)
  • Become a contributor (create content for our web magazine or YouTube channel)

Brands and organizations

  • Sponsorships (sponsor our articles, videos and newsletter editions)
  • Product features and reviews (get your relevant products and services featured in our articles and videos)

Events, public speaking, workshops, consulting

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Photo by Laårk Boshoff / Unsplash